Your business is growing - but can your organization keep up?

Having evolved from the start-up phase, proven your business case, and built up your initial customer base is an amazing accomplishment. However, growth also brings new challenges. In addition to access to further investments and other markets, there is a need for new talent, management structures, and competencies to further establish your success.

7 symptoms of "growth pain"

Team leads feel overwhelmed, ignored when it comes to decisions, or complain about a lack of transparency in decision-making scenarios.

Workflows between teams are not aligned, everyone is depending on the work results of their colleagues, as a result, employees adopt a silo mentality.

There is no time to properly onboard and integrate new employees, some newbies feel lost or seem passive from the outside.

The team of founders is under tremendous time pressure and still tied in too heavily into the day-to-day business.

Employees are unhappy or complain about a lack of direction, feedback, involvement, and participation in how things are done.

Leadership is something that happens intuitively or on the side.

Employees are based in different locations or are working from home across the globe, isolated on little islands, and don’t feel part of the team.

Your first step to tackle those pains costs you only a 30 minute time investment!

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"Employees leave managers not companies"

Do you have the right leadership team to keep employees on board and develop them further?

We help you to build the required leadership competencies and structures to ensure your organization’s substantial and successful growth. 

Our mission

We are working with leadership teams in scale-up organizations along the four core functions of leadership: 

 providing orientation by creating a convincing vision

 generating motivation by designing a system that’s right for you

 team & resource management

 coaching and further development of teams and employees

Together, we create the right basis for sustainable growth and happy, committed employees.

How we tackle your challenges

Self-paced course: Transition in to leadership

A flexible introduction

Practical leadership knowledge and methods are acquired in a self-paced training course and implemented in everyday life by means of practical tasks.

Coaching program: Transition in to Leadership

Implementation coaching for leaders

In addition to the self-paced training course with leadership knowledge and methods, we will take a look at individual challenges and work on putting things into practice in coaching sessions.

Leadership program for teams

Growing together as a leadership team

This blend of self-paced learning and live workshops focuses on developing and implementing a joint understanding of leadership as well as establishing the habit of peer-coaching.

Team workshops and individual coaching

Implementation in the team(s)

Where new approaches and methods are to be implemented with the team, we support with individual workshop facilitation and coaching.

Individual consulting

Defining the right organizational structure for your business, effectively distributing decision-making responsibility, and designing a joint (leadership) culture within your company are important, but often fall behind the most urgent tasks. 

We help you in the process of creating and implementing vital leadership aspects to match them with your business ambitions

Leadership resources for scale-up companies

Best Practices for feedback – empower for the future instead of dwelling on the past

1:1s with our employees are as much part of our leadership routine as feedback.

Which best practices for feedback should you bear in mind? 

Video: Feedback Wrap

Take a brief, free look at one of our video lectures regarding the topic of feedback. 

We show you how to make a fresh Feedback Wrap!

How can you improve your feedback?

Follow this guide to improve the overall feedback experience for your employees and for yourself!

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