“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”

We provide self-paced training and accompanying coaching for executives with remote and hybrid teams to increase performance, productivity and satisfaction of all stakeholders. A special focus is set on Scale-up companies with their own challenges and opportunities.s.

In an increasingly remote and rapidly growing work environment, interpersonal relationships, leadership and employee development, and goal-oriented work sometimes fall by the wayside.


Katharina William

Katharina William

Leadership Coach & Founder RE:MANAGE

For me, hybrid and remote work is both the future of work and my personal lifestyle. I love being able to connect to people all around the world. By creating better working environments for happier people and sustainable business performance, I believe we can make the world a better place – one organization at a time!

Paola Guadarrama

Paola Guadarrama

Content Design & Project Management

I love the freedom and autonomy of remote working but I also like to work in a team knowing they can count on me. I support remote/hybrid teams to create healthy and happy work environments. Motivated people are productive people!

Jenny Nieland

Jenny Nieland

Translation & Marketing

I’m passionate about languages and traveling. At REMANAGE, I ensure that content is also available for English-speaking leaders who wish to hone their skills. My sales and marketing background allows me to target our potential customers with tailored content across the various platforms

We help to create a productive, people- & goal-oriented

environment in small to medium-sized companies.


This case study describes the leadership program for the software company exocad, which we have been executing for a duration of over one year.

“Learning how to manage my time and being a good leader was a very important milestone in my career since the benefits of certain changes in your day-to-day can be clearly seen not only in your team but in your daily work life.”

Franco Gampel

Supervisor Application Support, exocad America

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