How do you enable your managers (or team) to problems solving and offer them a space to get answers to leadership challenges? You don’t always need to invest in external coaching or try to solve all issues for the managers in your organization.
Peer consultation is an amazingly simple but effective process, that helps to:
  •  tap into peer knowledge, experience & problem-solving skills

  • providing the participants with varying perspectives and roles

  • let managers find solutions for sensitive topics that they might not want to discuss with a superior

  • shed light on potential ethical issues or underlying conflicts

  • create a shared understanding of leadership and company culture

All you need is a group of min. 5 people, a basic foundation of trust (that can be extended through regular peer consultations), and one person who knows and facilitates the process. 
The good news: this can be done by one of the participants.

According to Benshoff (1994) “Peer consultation is defined as a disciplined process of mutual benefit for helping professionals to provide critical and supportive feedback and to help each other function more effectively in their professional roles”.

In other words: you’re tapping into your peers’ pool of experience, knowledge, and advice.

Here’s a comprehensive infographic to guide you through a peer consultation. Ideally, you can leverage the above advantages for yourself and your team. Reach out to us if you want initial customized training in the method and consult how best to use it to develop your organization with the right leadership approach and culture. More leadership tools like this will be provided throughout our leadership programs.