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What's your reason to avoid delegation? Graphic showing the most common beliefs preventing delegation tasks

Why delegation fails: 6 limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

As a leader, we are constantly dealing with process optimization. But do we take into account the matters that seem to always end up on our desks, even though they don’t necessarily have to be done by us?  You know, the little bits that we are “quickly” doing ourselves because we already know how it’s done, and they are straightforward. These little bits, however, add up to a significant amount of minutes or hours each day. So how many “little bits” are you doing, and how much time do they steal out of your day?

Which best practices for feedback should you keep in mind? How to establish a feedback culture fostering high performance and job satisfaction. Manager giving angry, emotional feedback vs. construcctive feedack.

Best Practices for Feedback- empower for the future instead of dwelling on the past.

1:1s with our employees are as much part of our leadership routine as feedback. Countless seminars, communication guides and coaching sessions supposedly teach us how to get this feedback thing right. Not too blunt, but not too haphazardly, but neither patronizing, it should be clear without stepping on anyone’s toes. Sounds like walking a tightrope, doesn’t it?

Discussing salary is still considered a taboo. Percentages from study indicating that employees still avoid salary discussions.

Best Practices for salary negotiations – is salary still a taboo topic?

Depending on which generation you ask, money or salaries tend to be more or less of a taboo topic. People like to joke that they earn far too little, but when it comes to negotiating, arguing and justifying compensation, most people find salary talks uncomfortable—employees and managers alike. As a leader, what can you do to conduct salary reviews with confidence? How can you make them less unpleasant for everyone involved?


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Why is delegation key in leadership?

How you give feedback that motivates



Snippet from infographic "bad practices of delegation"  Showing first 4 bad practices: Delegating under pressure (manager running), ambiguous expectations (question marks), my way or no way (manager shouting at employees), no feedback, lack of communication

Bad practices of Delegation

We have compiled an overview of the most common bad practices we have encountered. Download the infographic to see how feedback should not be given and which mistakes to avoid.

What does the feedback culture look like in your team? Let’s discuss in the comments which aspect of feedback is important to you and how you deal with it.

How to improve your Feedback

Follow this guide to improve the overall feedback experience for your employees and for yourself!

Peer consultation

How do you enable your managers (or team) to problems solving and offer them a space to get answers to leadership challenges

You don’t always need to invest in external coaching or try to solve all issues for the managers in your organization.


Salary Review

A step-by-step guide for preparing your salary review 1:1 with your team members!